Orange Whip Power Strap Kit – Golf Swing Training Kit –

£129.00 £127.00

  • GET FIT AND RIP: The foot straps and resistance bands all you to develop and strengthen your 5 foundational Swing Skills.
  • ENHANCE YOUR PRACTICE DRILLS: Connect the 10” and 14” resistance bands between the included belt and your foot straps for greater resistance and assistance while you practice and train your golf swing.
  • CONDITION YOUR BODY FOR PERFORMANCE: Put all the Orange Whip components together to improve all your foundational golf movements twice as fast; rotation, weight shift and balance, speed, swing plane, segmentation, and posture.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: These resistance bands will increase your ability to perform on the golf course and put power into your swings.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The difference is in quality you can feel.